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In this lecture series, Tony Boutagy discusses the most up to date research and understanding of the following topics, as they apply to fitness professionals.

In 4 seperate 90 minute lectures, you will learn

  • Advanced Programming 1.0
  • Current Trends and Controversies in Nutrition: 2019
  • Understanding DEXA Scans (with Dr Jarrod Meerkin) and Nutritional Approaches to Fat Loss 
  • Lifestyle approaches to the Metabolic Syndrome, PCOS and Cognitive Decline

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"Taking on Tony's courses and lectures keeps me grounded and humble, realising that there is so much more I need and want to learn. He has a wealth of knowledge that is quite remarkable and I couldn't recommend these lectures highly enough."

Nick Neo
Personal Trainer

"For a 90 minute seminar it was so effective and now I know what every one is talking about when they mention the name Tony Boutagy"

Sally Sukkah
Personal Trainer

"Another high quality lecture. As always professionally run and supplemented with details course notes that you can take away and use."

Tracey Knowles
Personal Trainer

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