Advanced Program Mastery

Now is the perfect time to invest in your coaching career and upskill with industry leader Dr Tony Boutagy.

This 10-week interactive ONLINE coaching course is currently underway:


Accredited with 10 Fitness Australia CEC's


Are your training programs up to scratch?

Good coaches motivate their clients and push them toward their goals. Great coaches observe, correct, and intelligently plan and execute training programs to take their clients far beyond their wildest dreams. Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar:

You have clients with injuries you can't seem to correct


You reach a certain point with a client, and then a recurring injury pops up and they take several steps backwards


Some of your clients are hitting plateaus and you are not sure how to keep them progressing and making gains


You aren't sure how to structure the days, weeks, months of a clients training to give them progress and balance that fits their lifestyle


You have run out of ideas and are giving everyone the same program, or starting to turn to the weird and whacky just to keep your clients entertained

This online course is the culmination of the programming lessons Tony has made from decades in the gym, writing tens of thousands of workouts, studying the methods of the worlds greatest trainers and learning what cutting edge science has to say about the physiology of physical preparation. Over 10-weeks, Tony will show you how to write programs from studying actual routines he has written. Twenty-four programs will be deconstructed in order to explain training splits, muscle group priority, exercise progressions, overload techniques and periodization models for body composition and muscle gain.

This course kicks off on Monday the 19th OCTOBER 2020

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What you will learn

Movement Patterns

Learn how to classify muscle groups, analyse movement patterns and detect imbalances, and use priority systems


Learn how to write programs for the general and specific phase, including training variables and overload techniques.

Learn how to write 4 different stages of advanced programs for body composition and muscle gain.

Learn how to construct deload programs and training weeks.


Learn the steps to writing long term training programs.

Understand periodization models, training splits and weekly muscle group organisation.


Learn the application of nutrition for fat loss, body composition and muscle gain.

Understand the role of energy balance, protein, carbohydrates, fat and supplements for both goals.

Understand the role of HIIT and steady state cardio.

Circuit training (body comp) programs vs traditional splits for both goals

Whats Included

LIVE Interactive Lectures

10 x weekly LIVE interactive online lectures with Tony Boutagy, each with a question and answer segment

Detailed Course Notes

10 x weekly downloadable detailed course notes, video lecture replays and home reading exercises.

Lifetime Access to Portal

Lifetime access to your own online training portal (accessible by mobile or desktop)


Access to the APM Community

A private community where you can connect with other students who are enrolled or have done the course.

Here's what our students are saying...

"Advanced Program Mastery is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I learnt so much from day one alone. So you can only imagine what 9 weeks of that is like. After every session I am just so full of new knowledge to the point of exhaustion (in a good way). The training portal is easy to navigate"

Kyllie Monica Go - Malaysia
Completing qualifications to become a Personal Trainer

"I'm really enjoying the lectures. The content is great and really easy to follow. I'm learning so much every single week."

Viola Wild - NSW, Australia
Personal Trainer

"I am in study to be a personal trainer, so I am not qualified just yet. But I thought why enter the fitness industry with all the same qualifications, what more can I do to be different and stand out from the rest? Tony launched this course at the perfect time for me. The course material and lectures, are thorough and informative; but easy to understand. To learn so much in a short amount of time is INCREDIBLE. To learn from one of the best & most experienced is an honour. This is the best personal learning investment I have made."

Kirsti Jones-Healy - QLD, Australia
Completing qualifications to become a Personal Trainer

"The course material is extremely well thought out and structured in a way that makes it very easy to understand. The lectures have been an absolute delight to attend. Tony’s energy and method of teaching is just fantastic, his knowledge is unsurpassed but equally he is extremely approachable."

Georgina Stead - UK
Completing qualifications to become a Personal Trainer

"Honestly Tony's APM course was incredible. The amount of information he was able to put into this relatively short course was amazing. From session 1 I learnt so much. This is a huge part of what I love about working with Tony is the ability to always walk away from any course of his with an incredible amount of information in a way that is not overwhelming, but easy to implement and understand. He has such a great way of teaching. I loved that the course was all recorded and something that you could go back and do in your own time If you had to miss a live call. The way that the lecture notes were structured in line with the live call meant it was super easy to follow along, and you could be super present in the actual call as all the notes were there for you. Definitely the best programming course I have done."

Caterina Ruberto - QLD, Australia
Coach and WBFF Pro

"Tony is the most amazing lecturer in the fitness Industry, his course was incredible. I have already used the knowledge to improve my programming and can't wait for the next course."

Roy Pistorius - QLD, Australia
Personal Trainer

"I thought the course materials and lectures were very informative, easy to understand and very practical."

Billy Telfer - Sydney, Australia
Personal Trainer

Pricing Options

10 Week Course


One payment

  • Lifetime access to your own online training portal (accessible by mobile or desktop)
  • 10 x weekly LIVE interactive online lectures with Tony, with a question and answer segment
  • Access to the recorded live lectures to replay at your convenience
  • Detailed notes for each module
  • Home reading exercises
  • Access to the APM community portal
  • 10 Fitness Australia CEC's
Enroll Here

10 Week Course


Per week for 6 weeks

  • Lifetime access to your own online training portal (accessible by mobile or desktop)
  • 10 x weekly LIVE interactive online lectures with Tony, with a question and answer segment
  • Access to the recorded live lectures to replay at your convenience
  • Detailed notes for each module
  • Home reading exercises
  • Access to the APM community portal
  • 10 Fitness Australia CEC's
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Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst there are elements of similarity, the Level 1 & 2 courses are more aimed at assessments, exercise techniques and generalised programs for preparation, hypertrophy and strength.

Advanced Program Mastery is specifically a detailed step-by-step approach to long term program design. The comprehensive course deconstructs several years worth of programs as a teaching aid to learning the intricacies of long-term periodised programs.

You don't need to. Every lecture is recorded and uploaded to your training portal, so you can play it back as a video or audio file at your leisure. If you have questions from the lectures, you can email them through.

The course has been written for personal trainers, but we have already had a number of gym enthusiasts come through the course who simply want to better their knowledge and programming skills for their own training. Tony will help walk you through the material and there is a question and answer time at the end of every lecture. You are most welcome.

Tony is the master at seeing where you are at in your understanding, and making difficult concepts easy to understand. The course is broken up into 10 easily digestible chunks, and you get time between each module to go away and absorb the information. There is homework and plenty of support in between to reinforce the lessons.

You wont be left behind. Further more, you get lifetime access to the portal, meaning you can play back the lectures as often as you like.

We do have a payment plan! But the sooner you get it set up with us, the longer you can stretch your payments out. If you think a payment plan is what you need, then get in touch TODAY so we can help you get it sorted.

Email us at: [email protected]

Now is the perfect time to invest in your coaching career and upskill with industry leader Tony Boutagy.

The Boutagy Fitness Institute provides education courses, seminars, workshops and mentoring services for personal trainers, physique competitors, the general public and allied health professionals.

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