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 Take an epic 10-week deep dive into advanced programming methods and periodisation for

Hypertrophy, Strength and Body Composition with industry leader Dr Tony Boutagy.

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 Take an epic 10-week deep dive into advanced programming methods and periodisation for

Hypertrophy, Strength and Body Composition with industry leader Dr Tony Boutagy.

Emma Dillon - Coach @ MoveWithUs

"When looking to further my knowledge as a Professional in the Health and Fitness Industry, I always opt for Tony's courses first. After working with him in person, online, and through his courses, I can confidently say that I am always learning and educating myself through his knowledge and experience.

Prepare to be overloaded with knowledge and educational information that takes your training expertise to the next level!"

Join the March 2024 Wait List

The most common problem I see in the fitness industry is poor program design.

Randomly pieced together exercises without a logically thought out sequence and progression is far too commonplace. I can't count how many times I see trainers giving every client the same workout, or the something cut and paste from Instagram.

This might be enough for the first 12 months of working with a client, but how will you keep a client progressing and interested in the years to come? 

If you are struggling with: 

  • Not knowing what programs to create for your clients

  • Having no idea how to periodize your clients programming

  • Your clients are not progressing and you don't know what the progressing overload methods are or when to use them

  • Frustration that you are not getting client results because you are using a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach¬†

  • Feeling nervous about creating customised¬†programs and you don't know where to start

  • Having the ¬†¬†confidence to charge more because you aren't providing enough value

I understand. I was once there too. Which is why I decided to draw upon nearly 3 decades of research and experience to create a system which will give you the fastest, easiest and most effective way to accelerate your clients' results...

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Here's How Advanced Program Mastery Helps You

Get the Respect & Results You Deserve!

This 10-week intensive course will teach you how to separate yourself from the highly competitive industry and achieve sensational, tangible results with your clients by learning the secrets of expert program design.

  • Twenty-four time-tested programs deconstructed to explain training splits, muscle group priority, exercise progressions, overload techniques and periodisation models for body composition and muscle gain.
  • Eliminate the fear factor when constructing customised programs by learning the art and science of expert program design.
  • Achieve insane muscle gain and maximal strength with your clients using advanced¬†methods that you can repeatedly use!
  • ¬†Calmly and expertly help clients that are hitting plateaus and keep them progressing and making significant muscle gains.
  • ¬†Structure the days, weeks, months of a client's training to give them progress and balance that fits their lifestyle and keep them for longer!
  • ¬†Construct and periodise results-driven programs with confidence when training for maximal strength and hypertrophy.¬†
  • ¬†Unlock the methods of the world's most outstanding trainers and learn what cutting edge science has to say about the physiology of growing muscle and building strength.
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Tony is a strength coach and an exercise physiologist based in Sydney, Australia. His undergraduate degree was in Human Movement (ACU) and he holds a PhD in Exercise and Sports Science from Charles Darwin University in far north Australia.

In his coaching career that has spanned closed to 30 years, he has written over 70,000 training programs, across a wide range of populations, including the general public, athletes, Olympians (2004, 2008, 2012, 2016), special populations and those needing rehabilitation from injuries. Having written strength workouts for elite athletes in over 30 different sports, Tony is still actively involved in strength & conditioning, primarily coaching physique athletes, and is regarded as one of the premier and highly sought-after personal trainers in the country.


Tony has been involved in education since 1999, having held various educational positions at several universities in exercise science, physiotherapy, and personal training. His own educational programs for personal trainers, allied health professionals and the general public have been running for since 2002, which have now moved to an online platform since Covid. Read more:

What Our Clients Have To Say About The Course

Hailey Babcock - Coach

I can't give Advanced Program Mastery a high enough rating that would justify how much I received out of it. I guess on a 1-10 scale - 100/10. I felt so lost as a new personal trainer. I was trying to follow other programs I was given personally, but it wasn't until this course that I realized how unbalanced they were. This course is pure gold and I will recommend it to everyone in this field.

Felicia Soria - Coach

I loved Advanced Program Mastery. It's an extended and in depth version of ANYTHING you would learn in a university degree. Tony really does have a wealth of knowledge that he is happy to share. I really loved how the course was more than just telling us about the theory. !e got to really see it in action. I have a lot more skills now that I can take into my programming for clients for better results.

James Urianza - Coach

The content and lectures are Gold Standard as always!!! Tony's presentations are simple, evidence based, and practical! The course materials ensures success in learning the content. Using the online training portal is like returning to a gold mine where course materials (Video Lecture replay, audio replay, course notes, Q&As, Zoom Calls, Etc.) are always available to deepen your knowledge.

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What’s Included in Your Experience

LIVE Action-Packed Online Masterclasses

Join Dr Tony Boutagy each week for an exclusive live masterclass, where he will deep-dive into each module and be able to provide you with unmatched support.
  • ¬†The Training to Train Online Certification Course
  • ¬†10 x weekly live lectures with Dr Tony Boutagy and an interactive Q & A segment at the end of each lecture
  • ¬†Access to the video replays of the live lectures and Q & A segments so you can rewatch when you want and as often as you want. We also give you an audio file so you can listen to the lecture while you are on the move.
  • ¬†Detailed downloadable course notes for every module
  • ¬†10 Fitness Australia continuing education credits (issued upon successful completion of the course and assessment activities)
  • ¬†2 x group coaching calls where you can ask questions or just sit in and listen to other student's questions. These will also be recorded and uploaded to the portal so you can rewatch them at your convenience
Join the March 2024 Wait List

Roy Pistorius - Coach


'Tony is the most amazing lecturer in the fitness Industry, his course was incredible.

I have already used the knowledge to improve my programming and can't wait for the next course.'

Kylie Gilbert - Coach

'I really enjoyed the course and the way it was delivered online. I always joined the live lectures although also appreciated having the videos to watch back as a reference as needed. I like the PDF accompanying document for reference and especially the exercise encyclopaedia again for reference.'

Kirrilly Brown - Coach

As a mum of 3 young kids, finding the time to search for good programming information online was too big of a task. I looked at returning to University only to realise I don't have the time. Then someone suggested I check out the courses T.B provides. I'm so GLAD I did.'

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