Fat-Loss Fundamentals




During the six-week course, we will be covering the topics outlined below:

Module 1 Outline: The role of strength training

  • Quality weight loss & body recomposition;
  • Historical theories of strength training for fat loss;
  • Current understanding of the role of strength training;
  • Weekly periodization;
  • Long-term periodization principles;
  • GPP for fat loss;
  • Programming variables;
  • Programming considerations (lines of movement & muscle groups pairing);
  • Sample GPP fat loss programs

Module 2 Outline: The Role of Aerobic Exercise

  • Review and complete GPP programs from Module 1;
  • Defining aerobic exercise - intensity domains;
  • Defining metabolic flexibility & understanding Zone 2 aerobic exercise; Ø Fasted state exercise;
  • Understanding high-intensity interval training & the 3 HIIT types;
  • Sample HIIT programs;
  • Understanding the Constrained Theory of Energy Expenditure; 

Module 3 Outline: Metabolic Adaption

  • Complete the Constrained Theory of Energy Expenditure;
  • Theory of metabolic adaptation and the consequences of low energy availability, part 1;
  • 2 intermediate strength workouts
  • 2 long interval workouts.

Module 4 Outline: Intermittent Dieting and Time Restricted Eating

  • Theory of metabolic adaptation and the consequences of low energy availability, part 2;

  • The theory of intermittent energy restriction;

  • Energy restriction options, including time-restricted eating;

  • 3 intermediate strength workouts;

  • 2 sprint interval workouts.

 Module 5 Outline: Intermittent Fasting & Time Restricted Eating continued...

  • Advanced energy restriction options;
  • Organizing exercise sessions & calories within the week; Ø LCHF, ketogenic diets & high fibre diets;
  • A closer look at body recomposition;
  • 3 advanced strength workouts;
  • 2 HIIT interval workouts.

Module 6 Outline: Monitoring Training & Recovery and The Role of Sleep

  • Monitoring training and recovery;
  • The role of sleep in body composition;
  • Guidelines to improve sleep;
  • Advanced strength programs;
  • HIIT workouts.