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Here's What You'll Get:

  • LIVE Action-Packed Online Masterclasses
    Exclusive live masterclass, where you will deep-dive into each module and be provided with unmatched support.
  • 2 x Momentum Group Coaching Calls
    2 bonus speciality group coaching calls with Tony throughout the 6 weeks.
  • Detailed Course Materials
    6 x weekly downloadable detailed course notes, video lecture replays, audio files and home activities so you can get the most out of your experience.
  • Unlimited Access to the Learning Hub                                       Unlimited access to your private online training portal so you can study anytime, anywhere and however often! 
  • Access to the Private Members Group
    A private, interactive community where you can connect with other students who are enrolled or have completed Advanced Program Mastery.
  • 8 CECS
    This course is accredited with 8 Fitness Australia CECs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course run for?

This is a 6 week online course

How long is each lecture and when are they?

Each lecture runs for approximately 60-90mins including the Q & A section. 

The live lectures are at 5pm AEST every Wednesday for 6 weeks. 

How much time will it take me to complete the course materials each week?

You should allow 2-3 hours per week to watch the lecture, read the notes and complete the homework.

What if I can't make the live lectures?

You don't need to make the live lectures. Every live lecture is recorded. We upload the video replay, as well as an audio file into the training portal within 48 hours of each live lecture. 

I'm not a personal trainer. Can I still do the course?

The course has been written for personal trainers (new and experienced) and gym enthusiast who have a good baseline knowledge of the training process. We have a number of experienced gym enthusiasts complete the course who simply want to better their knowledge and programming skills for their own training. The material and lectures are easy to follow and you have the opportunity to ask questions throughout. If you have some a good working knowledge of anatomy and a few years of training experience, then you are most welcome. If you are brand new to training, this course may be too advanced for you.

I've been in the fitness industry since the dinosaur era. I won't learn anything new.

Indeed you will. Tony delivers the most cutting edge research at every lecture. The course is updated on a weekly basis, which is why the lectures are not pre-recorded and then re-used over and over again.

If Tony can still learn new things every week, then so will you.

I'm worried I wont be able to keep up.

The training portal has been designed so that you can go back over the lectures and materials as many times as you like, and at your own pace. The course content has been broken up into 6 digestible chunks, so you can take a pause between each lecture if needed to absorb the materials. 

What do I do if I have questions?

For all course content related questions, there is a questions and answer segment at at the end of every live lecture. Here you can ask any questions that you have. Additionally you will have the opportunity to attend 2 x LIVE group coaching calls with Tony throughout the 6 weeks. 

All Q & A segments and coaching calls will be recorded and made available to you so you can rewatch and also learn from other students questions.

For any other questions relating to the training portal, accounts, certificates you can contact our friendly admin who will be happy to help.

I'm a bit strapped for cash. Do you have a payment plan? 

We offer both Split (worldwide) and Openpay (Australia/NZ). Spread your payments over up to 6months, but get learning straight away. Click your preferred payment method at checkout and follow the prompts for more information.

Does this course come with CEC's?

Yes. This course comes with 8 CEC's (Continuing Education Credits) from Fitness Australia. To be awarded these points, you will need to have completed the course and online the assessments.

What platform do you use for your live lectures?

We use Zoom to conduct the live lectures. Registration is required beforehand and all the details on how to register are found within the training portal. You can access this information after you have enrolled.

What platform do you use for the online training portal?

We use Kajabi. Our past students are full of praise for the portal with its easy navigation, and ability to use on both laptop and mobile phone.

Can I buy this course for somebody else?

Yes this is possible, but does require some transferring of details from our end. You just need to contact us first so that we can organise it smoothly for you.

The full the terms and conditions relating to this product can be found here Terms & Conditions

What People Are Saying:

I have finished the course feeling much more confident in being able to help my clients work towards quality weight loss in a sustainable, effective and healthy way.

Gizelle Kern

The course was nothing short of excellent in terms of providing the most recent, relevant and well-conducted research. As usual, Tony does a fantastic job of breaking down these research findings and explaining their application for the everyday person. Tony does the hard work of sifting through the noise, making it a walk in the park for you to understand how to safely and effectively facilitate fat loss while minimising the potential drawbacks

A. Fowler

This course has been the best course I've done since becoming a personal trainer, in terms of information but also the way it was delivered and the platform. The huge amount of example programs were super helpful also. I love all the up-to-date information, studies and how much effort Tony goes to to insure it is. This course is fantastic value for money. Tony's knowledge and teaching is 2nd to none.

Katjana Dolby

he fact that I was up at 1am Eastern Time to participate on the live zoom calls speaks for itself - great sessions. Tony is engaging and also respectful of participants in taking time to answer all the questions. The materials provided are fantastic and the gifts that keep on giving. I have started to apply the lessons taken away from the materials and recorded lectures. As a non-pro, there is much to take in and learn.

M. Poze-Grise

I love everything about feeling fit and being healthy, I encourage my friends and family by sharing my workouts and knowledge so I thought this course would be valuable. I think the course information is relevant and current to what people are looking for. The information on low energy restriction over long periods of time and REDS was very valuable. I really liked the structure of the info as well, the info first and the workouts at the end of each module.

Koreen Peck

To anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge on fitness and nutrition and everything in between, Tony Boutagy’s courses are the go-to. The context and delivery was AMAZING!!!!!!! I learnt so much. Tony is so knowledgeable and relates to students in a friendly and caring manner …..delivering the information in a way that is easy to follow and understand….. I found it outstanding how Tony responded promptly to all of the questions I had and went in depth with his responses ….10/10 for sure !!!!!!!! Can’t wait to study with him again!!!!!

Gloria D'Amico

I am a Personal Trainer and an Exercise Physiologist. The course was fabulous! I like how Tony reads the research and then summarises it with cutting edge, up to date info. I like how the lectures are around the 60 minutes in duration and then we get useable, science based exercise programs & nutrition advice at the end.

Alan Gray

$800 AUD