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Do You Struggle to Keep Up With The Latest Research In Your Field?

  • Is there a gap between your formal training and the latest research?
  • Are you losing clients due to poor results
  • Are you struggling for enough time to sift through the high volume of research papers that come out every week?
  • Are you unsure where to go for reputable sources of information?
  • Do you struggle with how to understand and apply the research in your practice?
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Stop Losing Clients/Patients

Very very few doctors and allied health professionals are staying on top of the research. The result: inaccurate advice, and poor patient/client outcomes.

Become The Authority

Stay on the cutting edge. New research is coming out EVERY DAY which can make you look like a SUPERSTAR for the cost of a coffee or two per week.

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Utilise what you learn from Insight to attract a larger referral and client base for just AUD$4.99 per week after the 7 day free trial

Insight Is For Medical and Allied Health Professionals

This is the daily ritual of the top 1% of medical and allied health practitioners around the world.

You need to be adopting this practice if you are a:

- medical doctor
- dietictian
- nutritionist
- psychologist
- physiotherapist or physical therapist
- chiropractor
- exercise physiologist
- strength & conditioning expert
- fitness or personal trainer

You will receive a review on the 10 most impactful studies per week, plus my commentary on its applicability and relevance, in an easily digestible format that you can use with your patients and clients. No matter what your level of expertise, the summary and commentary will be easy to read and straight forward.

Topics include 

- nutrition
- general health
- ageing
- fat loss
- weight loss
- medicine
- autophagy
- fasting
- strength training
- aerobic training
- functional training

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"This is brilliant! A huge time saver for me, plus knowing it was put together by Tony gives it more strength and credibility. I'm looking forward to reading it every day."

Alan Gray
Exercise Physiologist

"I'm always being asked to justify the advice I give clients, and I just couldn't do that with authority without Insight."

Andrew S
Personal Trainer

"I love Insight. I run a busy clinic and only have limited time to spend reading. With insight, I can quickly read the daily posts while I have my morning coffee."

Danielle B

"Insight allows me to read even more papers than I ordinarily do. A great time saver."

Dr David E
General Practitioner

"While other PTs are reading blog posts and guru nonsense, I'm now reading summaries of peer reviewed research every day. I feel like I'm doing a much better job looking after my clients, and I have a competitive advantage."

Renee H
Personal Trainer

"This product is exciting as it removes the tyranny of distance and enables further learning from Tony. I am confident that Insight is going to enhance the service I provide my clients."

Richard Littlefield
Fitness Studio Owner

"Awesome. I love it already. I also love the 'COMPLETE' satisfying."

Skye Hunt
Owner of Green Smoothies

Discover How Tony Can Help You Save Time and Become an Authority

" I tend to read on average fifty scientific papers per week. 

I then choose the most impactful studies, distil them into an easy to read, digestible format that you can use with your patients and clients.

As health professionals, it is our responsibility to our patients and clients to keep on top of the fire hose of scientific literature which guides and informs our advice to our clients.

Insight is your shortcut.

It should take you no more than 15 minutes per day to read the paper I send through, and less if you just read my summary and comments.

We can learn to maximise our body’s natural potential by learning from and applying the latest that researchers can offer us.

So rather than succumbing to the pack, rise above it and come with me on a journey to see what the science can tell us.

You can try it for free for a week, on me.

Thereafter it is only $4.99 per week. You can cancel at any time without hassle.

For the cost of a cup of coffee a week (if you live in LA, London or Sydney) or two (everywhere where coffee is cheaper!), you will get to grow your knowledge and become an expert."

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