The Ultimate Physique Summit: Online

Training, Nutrition & Mindset for a World Champion Physique

Presented by WBFF World Champion Hattie Boydle & Premier Australian Strength Coach Dr Tony Boutagy


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This course is accredited with 15 Fitness Australia CEC's


How Does She Do It?

Hattie Boydle continues to improve her world champion physique year after year.

Have you ever wondered how she balances her training, macros, recovery and mindset?

How she successfully prepares for the world stage each year without burning out or becoming injured?


The Most Comprehensive Physique & Competition Preparation Online Course, Delivered By Industry Leaders.

Personal Trainers and Coaches preparing clients for competition - This course is for YOU. Aspiring Fitness Competitors and Sports Models - This workshop is For YOU.

In this 9 week online course you will learn...

Exercise Technique

Learn from Tony the optimal strength exercise techniques used by Hattie for each individual body part including: knee dominant/quadriceps; hip dominant with focus on the hamstrings, adductors and gluteals; compound and unilateral exercise variations; calves; lateral, posterior and anterior core; chest, deltoids, upper and lower back; and arms.


Learn how to write training programs for optimal muscle mass and body composition. Tony will discuss the theory behind his methods, up to date training and programming variables, overload techniques and special training methods to develop particular muscle groups, how to organise the training week, split the muscle groups and periodise the volume/intensity over the training blocks.

Cardiovascular Training

Learn how to incorporate cardiovascular training for the physique competitor. Tony will explain the role of low intensity exercise and high-intensity interval training. Including how to warm up for HIIT, how to use the three HIIT subtypes for improved body composition and increased fitness, and the best time day for HIIT and continuous exercise.


In this module, Tony will explain the role of individual macronutrients, supplements to support muscle gain and fat reduction, the common pitfalls of energy reduced diets, total energy intakes and metabolic damage.

He will also cover methods to cycling caloric deficits, how and why to cycle carbohydrate foods, and how to organise eating windows, calorie timings within the day, eating around exercise and time restricted eating.


Hattie will discuss the lessons she has learned over the many years and varied competition preparations she has undertaken.

From the balance of cardio to weights, to correcting over developed and underdeveloped muscles, to sleep, recovery, macros and periodisation. Hattie will share her extensive experience and gained wisdom on what does and does not work.

Mind Set

If you have ever been present in the gym while Hattie has been training, you would have observed her remarkable steel-like focus, like there is nobody else in the gym. She is there for one reason - to be better than she was when she walked in.

Here Hattie will share how she has built and maintained her focus and determination, how she avoids burn out, deals with success and failure, and lead a busy and balanced life.

This is your chance to dive into the mind of a world champion.

What You Get

LIVE Interactive Lectures

9 x weekly LIVE interactive lectures with Dr Tony Boutagy @ World Champion Hattie Boydle, each with a question and answer segment.

Detailed Course Notes

Detailed course notes, video and audio lecture replays and transcripts all easily located and downloadable within the training portal.

Replay the lectures as often as you like

Your own user friendly training portal where you can replay the content at your leisure (accessible by mobile phone or laptop).

Personalised Movement Analysis

Have your movement patterns and niggly training issues analysed and problem solved during the live lectures.

Weekly Support

Have questions that you didn't get to ask during the live lectures? Tony and Hattie provide email support throughout the course.


This course is accredited with 15 Fitness Australia CECs. Your certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course.


This is a jam packed course full of evidence informed information and practical tools and advice that you can implement straight away.

Come prepared to learn
Come prepared to take action
Come prepared to finish the year better than you started it

Dr Tony Boutagy

Tony has been a trainer for 25 years, specializing in the development of strength and endurance, and training for body composition. Tony has prepared elite athletes at each Olympic and Commonwealth Games since 2000 and has accumulated in excess of 50,000 hours coaching experience in his career so far. Tony has a PhD in Exercise Science (Charles Darwin University) and is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (ESSA). Learn more about Tony and the educational courses he runs for personal trainers at

Hattie Boydle

As the 2016 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) World Champion, a successful business owner, motivational speaker and body positivity advocate, Hattie Boydle is on a global mission to empower women to be the best they can be, both physically and mentally.

Beyond her world title, Hattie has gone on to be an in-demand mentor, motivational speaker and spokesperson for the industry, including a keynote at the 2014 YOR Health Conference in Miami. She is an expert in her field and has been featured across mainstream media, including The Today Show, The Morning Show, Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, Women’s Fitness, Oxygen magazine and

In 2013, Hattie founded The Sports Model Project, an online coaching and fitness program. Participation in the program has grown 40% over the past twelve months, which Hattie attributes to more women realising that ‘strong is empowering’ and wanting to learn correct lifting technique and healthy eating habits to be in the best shape of their lives. The Sports Model Program was one of the first Programs to offer a holistic approach to self love, training and maintaining a sustainable, healthy mind and body lifestyle.


"The Ultimate Physique Summit was incredible. Once again Tony & Hattie have delivered a course that is necessary for this industry. The amount of knowledge I obtained, the personal growth and the consistent feedback and coaching is priceless. I feel it could have gone for longer, as it was so enjoyable. Both Tony & Hattie are incredible mentors and I recommend this course to anyone looking to further their skillset. Both Tony and Hattie are articulate in their presenting, humble, kind - all of the kinds words possible. I love that they are both incredibly experienced, but they speak in a way that people who don't come from a scientific background can understand. The years of experience is expressed through the material, I couldn't be more grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this."

Kirsti Jones-Healy
Personal Trainer

"I was so impressed with this course. I thought it was very well structured. It struck the right balance between theory and practice. I thought that the video content was extremely useful and that the presenters were very receptive to participant questions. Hattie and Tony are both extremely knowledgeable, and their expertise complements each others' well. They are very thorough, passionate, and kind. I think I am now addicted to BFI courses. You are all amazing."

Kaja Stojkov

"The instructors were the best part of this course! They delivered the course materials in an enjoyable and interesting way. The both have great depth of knowledge on this topic , but delivered to us what we needed and what we could digest. Each module/session was part lecture, dialogue (Q&A), and casual conversations with Tony and Hattie -an excellent environment for learning. I particularly enjoyed that they were both coaches experienced in coaching contest prep and that they also had a personal coach/ athlete relationship. A classic of contest prep online courses! Evidence base, effective (practical application), and safe with regards to best practices. Thank you Tony and Hattie for creating this online classic for these amazing athletes! In order for these athletes to realize their full potential, they'll need this tool of longevity you've created called the Ultimate Physiques Summit."

James Urianza
Personal Trainer

"I absolutely loved the weekly sessions with Tony & Hattie. Their combined knowledge has helped me understand the depths of physique prep for myself and possibly for coaching clients in the future. The delivery, partnered with written modules, was engaging and easy to follow. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to further their knowledge in this field."

Tammy White
Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

"Simply put, The Ultimate Physique Summit was game changing. I wish all courses were this thorough. The wealth of knowledge provided by both Tony & Hattie, paired with such clear passion for the industry was such that the overall experience was incomparable to any I've previously attended. It stood head & shoulders above. No competition. An enjoyable, effective balance of practical & "in-classroom" learning, approached in a relaxed manner made the whole weekend wonderful. Tony & Hattie were open, approachable & incredibly generous with their knowledge, spending a huge amount of time reiterating & giving the floor to any questions that came up within the group, ensuring everyone fully understood the content & took away from the course all they possibly could, including any personal questions (related or otherwise) that they wanted insight on. The practical aspect of the course allowed invaluable opportunity to watch first-hand how top level athletes / coaches work, observe, assess, cue, correct... the list goes on. Paired with an explanation of the thought process behind the prescription making it transferable into our work or personal training. Getting to troubleshoot our individual training issues with Tony in front of the group, allowed further insight witnessing his process of information gathering, assessment & problem solving to find possible solutions for each persons injuries, weakness, imbalances, etc. Very interesting. Perhaps my favourite aspect to this particular section was Tony's willingness to openly revoke one of his earlier assessments, to reassess, demonstrate his reasoning & re-prescribe later in the day whilst observing a participant. We rarely see people expressing they've made a "mistake" & pro-actively amending. It was refreshing & showed participants that it's sometimes necessary to make changes & that it's not weakness but honest transparency in the face of newly available information. Vital to effectively serving those we work with, to the best of our ability. I hope others picked up on this, whether consciously or otherwise. "

Caitlin Garriock
Personal Trainer

"We absolutely LOVED the entire weekend. We have taken so much away from it and cannot wait to come to another. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us. Rach and Em :)"

Rachel & Emma Dillon
'The Fitness Sisters'

"I have the good privilege of knowing Hattie Boydle as a colleague, lifting partner, and friend. As a colleague, I can attest that Hattie is driven to learn the best possible strategies for her clients and followers. She loves learning new material and is never content with her knowledge and understanding of the world. Her work ethic is admirable and she cares deeply for the people who put their trust in her to help them improve their posing, physiques, and well-being. We put on seminars together and the energy and commitment she has for the attendees are second to none; it’s a pleasure watching her perform. As a lifting partner, Hattie is consistent, accountable, and motivating. Simply watching her train is a beautiful thing as she approaches lifting like an art form. She hones her skills and pays close attention to mechanics, program design, and physiology. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who trains as hard as Hattie and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve worked with 2,000+ clients in my 22 year personal training career. As a friend, Hattie has helped me be the best I can be. She pushes me to find true happiness by encouraging me to relax, improve my business strategies, consider different avenues, and make good long term decisions. Hattie is the real deal and I vouch for her character and expertise. "

Bret Contreras
PhD, CSCS., The Glute Guy

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