Dr Tony Boutagy

B.HMS, Dip.Ex.Sc, ND, PhD 

Exercise Physiologist, Sports Scientist, Coach, Educator


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How Poor Sleep Can Affect Client's Fat Loss Results

Jul 15, 2019

"For me, the development of health and fitness over the lifetime is the priority."

Tony has a PhD in exercise and sports science from Charles Darwin University in Australia and is an Exercise Physiologist. Having conducted over 50,000 training sessions in his career that has spanned 25 years, Tony is regarded as one of the premier personal trainers in the country....


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"Tony is the most amazing lecturer in the fitness Industry, his courses are incredible. I have already used the knowledge to improve my programming and can't wait for the next course."

Roy Pistorius (Australia)

"The course material is extremely well thought out and structured in a way that makes it very easy to understand. The lectures have been an absolute delight to attend. Tony’s energy and method of teaching is just fantastic, his knowledge is unsurpassed but equally he is extremely approachable."

Georgina Stead (United Kingdom)

"I cannot give these courses a good enough rating that would justify how much I received out of them. I guess on a 1-10 scale- 100/10. I have signed up for every course Tony offers. I can't get enough. I felt so lost as a new personal trainer trying to write programs. I was trying to follow other programs I was given personally, but it wasn't until this course that I realized how unbalanced they were. The courses are pure gold and I will recommend them to anyone and everyone in this field."

Hailey Babcock (United States)

"The course material and lectures are superb. Tony is a wealth of knowledge. I love that he is so down to earth, his ability to teach no matter where you are in your fitness career is truly amazing."

Evania Dunstone (Australia)

"Tony is the best in the business and I always learn more stuff that helps me to be a better trainer. The courses are very thorough. The notes are a great blend of information and practical. Tony explains complicated subjects in an easy to follow manner and he always makes time to answer questions."

John Donaghy (Australia)

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