Australia's Most Trusted Program Design Certification for Personal Trainers

Designed and backed with 30 years of industry experience, Training To Train guarantees that every program you design is of the highest standard in the industry and leads to better training outcomes for your clients. 

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Australia's Most Trusted Program Design Certification for Personal Trainers

Designed and backed with 30 years of industry experience, Training To Train guarantees that every program you design is of the highest standard in the industry and leads to better training outcomes for your clients. 

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The #1 Course to Accelerate Your Program Design Expertise so Your Clients Reach their Training Goals & Beyond Faster. 

Many personal trainers piece together random training programs for their clients, adding anything they think might help or impress. But they don't have a strategy to ensure progressive and repeatable results over the long term. What I commonly see in the industry is:

  • Trainers relying on one-size-fits-all, copy and paste programs that they borrowed from someone else

  • Confusion around long term program design and a lack of understanding around the why and how behind periodisation, assessments, and exercise selection.

  • Uncertainty around how to develop an effective, individualised training year that is appropriate for a beginner, or more challenging for an intermediate level, or sports specific for an advanced athlete.

  • Lack of expertise around how to navigate client injuries, imbalances or training plateaus
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Your Clients Are Paying You For Results 

And when those results don't come, or inevitable injuries, imbalances or plateaus occur...

You Lose Your Authority

Job Satisfaction Diminishes

Your Client Goes Elsewhere

You will literally be leaving money on the table as your clients leave you for the physio...


My Mission is to Teach Personal Trainers How to Become Experts at Program Design & Be the Vehicle in Their Clients' Success!

Once you understand the science and rationale behind a well executed General Preparation Phase and develop the skill set to identify and solve weaknesses and energy leaks that can limit the successful development of your athletes, you will become the critical component in the success path for your clients, and ensure the longevity of your coaching career.

This course doesn't just give you plug and play training programs. Instead it teaches you the 'why' and the 'how' behind periodisation, goal setting, assessments, exercise selection and great program design so that you can develop your own effective training year for any athlete from any sport whether brand new to the gym, or elite level.

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Master Elite Level Program Design

I have designed this certification to help you avoid all of the common pitfalls Personal Trainers make with their clients, and bypass decades of trial and error, with hands-on information, strategies and tools for you to use immediately and take your program design to the highest level, far above most in the industry.

Know How To Assess

Become highly skilled at testing and assessing your clients, so you know exactly where they are at and what they need to improve

Master Expert Program Design

Learn my proven system to design the right programs for your client at the right time based on their individualised goals

Bullet Proof Your Business

Become indispensable to your clients, helping them to navigate training ups and downs over a entire lifetime.

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Hi there, I'm Tony!

I am a strength coach, exercise physiologist and educator based in Sydney, Australia. 

In my career that has spanned more than 30 years, I have trained general and special populations with a vast array of rehabilitation needs, right through to athletes and Olympians across 24 different sports and taught thousands of fitness professionals how to design better programs.

Over the years I have observed a huge gap of knowledge amongst Personal Trainers, when it comes to quality program design, leading to inadequate care of the client and career burnout.

I am passionate about education for the fitness industry, and helping both the trainer and the client have an incredible rewarding and life changing training experience that lasts a lifetime.

More About Me

Some Kind Words

"I cannot give Tony's courses a high enough rating, that would justify how much I received out of them. I have signed up for every course Tony offers. I can't get enough. His courses are pure gold and I will recommend them to anyone and everyone in this field "

Hailey Babcock

" Tony's attention to detail and passion for spreading evidence informed information for long lasting results, is the reason I have signed up to every course he offers. I would highly recommend anyone to Tony who wants to improve their education and client results! "

Brock Ashby

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You will learn how to design your own effective programs by understanding the science and logic behind every exercise choice and variable...

You're 3 steps away from elevating your Personal Training business and transforming lives!

It's as easy as this...

1. Enrol in Training To Train

Over 8 weeks you I will deliver you the most up to date, cutting edge, evidence-informed educational modules on my proven system of program design to increase general preparedness for every single client, no matter their training experience.

2. Work at your own pace

Work through the modules when it is convenient to you, with the ability to replay as often as you need for the lifetime of the course. Ask me as many questions as you need over 12 months though the Community feature and connect with other students.

3. Watch the dial move on your results

Every module contains tools and strategies that you can begin implementing in the gym straight away. See real and repeatable results happen right before your eyes and then share your wins with us!

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This comprehensive course will help you to finally overcome the confusion around program design.

In a flexible, yet fully supported learning environment...

8 Module Online Course

Eight comprehensive video modules, backed up with detailed course notes and scientific references for further reading.

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Weekly Access Dr Tony Boutagy

12 months FREE access to the Community where you can ask Dr Tony Boutagy all of your questions and connect with like-minded students.

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Exercise Library & Case Study Vault

Tony's special exercise video library and the case study vault where Tony leaks down and solves a number of commonly found weakness and imbalances.

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Some More Kind Words

" We are always looking to advance our learning and so we were really excited to do courses with Tony who is so knowledgeable. After working with him in person and online, I can confidently say that I am always learning and educating myself through his knowledge and experience "

Rachel & Emma Dillon

" I am the coach I am today because of Tony. His depth of knowledge and ability to breakdown complex ideas into straightforward and easily digestible information is unmatched. The information presented isn’t just what looks and sounds right on paper, but what actually works when it comes to coaching real people. Tony is easily the best in the fitness industry. "

Sean McInroy

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