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"I have been trying the energy cycling for the past couple of months where I have 3 high days a week and 4 low days.  My goal was to have the high days on my weight training days (mon, wed, fri) but I have been moving it around a bit as I tend to go out for dinner and want to indulge a bit more on weekends.  I have lost 6.1kg so far which I have been so happy with.  Especially as I havn't been perfect with sticking to it 100% of the time, but I've been on track about 85% of the time and my body has responded really well.  My goal is to be able to eat as much as I can get away with and still be lean lol!  So I'm hoping I'm keeping my metabolism up with resistance training and having the high calorie days. 
I havn't had a dexa scan yet so I don't know how much of the weight loss has come from body fat, but I'm going to have a scan done in the next few weeks so I can start to measure my progress more accurately.  I struggle to get my protein up sometimes so I just aim for about 2g per kg (about 140g) which I can manage well.  So, I am going to keep doing what I am doing with my nutrition for the moment, as it's working and I love that I can have those high days.  It makes it so much more achievable and enjoyable for me.
With my training, I was following your SPP programs from the APM course and my goal was to build up to the advanced hypertrophy programs.  However, I have changed direction and am now following the fat loss programs (seeing as my first priority is fat loss) starting with the intermediate ones at the moment and will work through to the advanced.  And then I will move on to the hypertrophy programs.  So, I have my next 2 years of training already planned out!  I am absolutely loving the fat loss full body programs as it's a nice change from what I would normally do.  I always remember your saying 'the best program is the one you are not doing' so I figure this is good for my body to have this change.  I do weights 3 x week and then 3 days of cardio (I choose either HIIT or zone 2 depending on how recovered my whoop strap tells me I am!).  I love the new inclusion of zone 2 into my training (another new thing for me).  I just imagine my mitochondria becoming healthier all the time lol
Enough about me!  So I have started one of my clients on the deficit day approach where she is having 3 deficit days a week.  She does not want to track food and think about food too much so together, we worked out a plan of what she can eat on those 3 days (AE=15) and then she doesn't have to think about food for the rest of the week.  She sent me her weigh in results yesterday and said she had to weigh herself a few times as she couldn't believe how well it was working.  She is really happy and her results are having a great effect on her motivation levels.
I have also been using what I have learnt about writing programs for fat loss with most of my clients and they seem to be really enjoying them (enjoying maybe not the right word, but you know what I mean).  In terms of applying the advanced nutrition options to my clients, none of them are wanting to take thier nutrition to that level (yet), and probably don't need to for the goals that they have.  So, it's great that I now have those other options to introduce them to if they don't want to track their food or change what they eat too much.  So I have gained a lot from the fat loss course and feel like I have some great tools/knowlege that I can use to help my clients moving forward.  Very excited!"
- Giselle Kern

"I’ve found the Fat Loss Fundamentals course to be very valuable and have found that my sessions with clients have increased in quality and intensity as a result.

I had been doing Zone 2 training (which is outlined in the course) but more as a way to improve aerobic capacity. The way Tony explainsed the benefits to improve metabolic flexibility was very good and I’ve passed the information on to my clients so they can see what they need to be doing outside the sessions to see the best results.

On a personal note, I’m not making excuses to skip my cardio sessions anymore, as I have a better understanding of the updated theory of fat loss. There’s no way around it, if fat loss is a goal we need to be doing the right combination of weight training, cardio and nutrition to see results and this is what Tony spells out clearly in the course.

Having been a trainer for twenty years I’d recommend this course to the experienced trainer like myself or the up and comer looking to fast track their knowledge and practical experience.  

Thanks again Tony."

- Ben Van Leeuwen

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